The control role of the Three Gorges Project on Yangtze River flood

Xinhua Wuhan, July 20 (Xinhua Yangxi Wei Shen Chong ) of the Three Gorges Reservoir lv handbag is 22.15 billion cubic meters of flood storage capacity , the Yangtze River Flood Control System is the backbone of irreplaceable works .

For the Jingjiang River in terms of :

– enable Jingjiang River flood control standard from the current “lv purse once in ten years “to” hundred years “, that is encountered no more than ” once every hundred years ” flood, through the Three Gorges Reservoir Regulation , may control the branch City traffic is not more than 56,700 cubic meters / second , Shashi water level not more than 44.5 meters , may from time to opening of Jingjiang lv luggage flood diversion area and other flood diversion area .

– In case of 1931,1935,1954 flood, the water level so that no more than 45 meters Shashi , do not enable the Jingjiang flood diversion area, reducing the 95.2 million mu of arable land inundated .

– case of ” a case of the Millennium ” wholesale lv handbags, or similar catastrophic flood in 1870 , with the use of Jingjiang flood diversion works and other flood diversion area , Shashi can control the water level not more than 45 meters, so Jing Jiangnan north sides , the lake area and avoid devastating disaster Jianghan lv Designer handbag.

– To create conditions for building sluices of four to reduce the points into the lake water and sediment , slow siltation of Dongting Lake .

On Chenglingji ( Dongting Lake and Yangtze River Interchange) region in terms of :

– General Year of Ambient ( except the Tail of the tributary ) .

– case of 1931 , 1954, 1935 floods and large floods , can reduce the flood storage volume of the sub- region and the land flooded .

Wuhan lv Monogram dike case :

– can avoid the Jingjiang levee break on the threat in Wuhan .

– increase of more than Chenglingji flood control, with the Danjiangkou reservoir and flood diversion areas near Wuhan, the use of flood water level to avoid loss of control in Wuhan City .

– reduce the flood diversion near Chenglingji , improving the flexibility of Flood Control Operation of Wuhan , Wuhan Flood lv Damier also play a security role .

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