SA couple’s fancy experience: 40 tons whale leaped out of water and flatted yacht

South Africans lv Taiga Leather face uninvited guests out to sea to capture amazing moments to be —
Watched a 40-ton whale leaping out of water , pressure to his yacht , Moze Si scared silly .
According to the British ” Daily Mail ” reported this morning , 59 -year-old South African, Sri Lanka has with girlfriend Paloma to Cape Town , South Africa lv Epi leather, where the private yacht out to sea travel , like to enjoy some quiet yacht Journey.
But the tragedy in an instant , a huge black whale leaping out of a sudden high water, the boat smashed over. Moze Si was this incredible big guy scared, quickly curled up in the yacht ‘s side .
Whale falls on the deck, severing the mast, crushing the roof box lv Damier on board the ship all the rigging was it crashed into the sea.
Trouble, the whale to turn around and return to the sea.
Tourists from a yacht near the Botswana saw this amazing scene, quickly took out the camera and into this magic moment on film.
“Fortunately, the hull is steel, fiberglass boat if I am afraid that long ago disintegrated. “Paloma said lingering fear.
Experts believe that the only whale weighing 40 tons lv Monogram is still in infancy , when dealing in and there is no human experience, thereby giving rise to such events.

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