Shanghai World Expo will welcome the Oman National Museum Day

Xinhua lv handbag on July 22 (Xinhua Xiao-Long Zhu Yang Yi Ren) Shanghai World Expo 22, ushered in the Sultanate of Oman National Museum Day.

Liu Qi said: “The friendship between China and Oman have a long history . As early as 1200 years ago, Oman lv purse Old Boat ‘ Sohar ‘ number once arrived in China as friendly exchanges between the two peoples stories. In recent years, Sino-Arab relations In-depth development of economic, trade, energy and culture and other fields continue to strengthen friendly cooperation. ”

Liu Qi lv luggage said: “In 2008, the Omani capital of Muscat as the Beijing Olympic torch in the Arab and Gulf region’s only transfer point , the traditional friendship between the two countries witnessed a new chapter. Wenchuan earthquake, Oman to provide sincere assistance to China Will remember forever. ”

Monze he said: “Oman is pleased to participate in Shanghai World Expo wholesale lv handbags, with relevant national and international and regional organizations to Meanwhile, Oman is willing to learn from other countries, success in this area. ”

Monze in that Oman has an ancient history and profound culture , and has made tremendous achievements in economic and social development .

Exhibition shows the diversity of the geography of Oman and the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, describes how people of Oman lv Designer handbag through sustainable use of resources to achieve harmony with nature.

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