Magic wonders appears on British beach, just like a giant eye looking down the earth

According to the lv Taiga Leather “Daily Mail” reported on July 20, in the south of England, suddenly empty beach Bourne Mao Sihai such magnificent scene: the sun surrounded by a mysterious halo, like a huge “Eyes” staring at earth from heaven.

Typically, the lv Epi leather will be part of the day appears to be clouds blocked the sun , and the magic angle of the growing low to the sun occurs when the noon sky will not have this .

 Halos are rare and are often incomplete. The beach a lot of people want to use mobile phones to shoot down Halo, but this is not easy.

Local weather forecasters Wilder explains: “lv Damier of the day is too much sunlight the ice crystals produced, major factors include the direction and amount of ice crystals and cirrus amount. The halo shape is determined by the height of the sun. ”

In 1461 the lv Monogram during the War of the Roses, Edward IV, later became the eldest son of Edward of York, Earl Saw the sky spectacle, and then he encouraged the military said it was a good sign, and eventually won.

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