UK Q2 economic record makes the largest increase over last four years

Office for lv handbag (ONS) Friday ( July 23 ) released preliminary data showed the British economy hit in Q2 over 4 years, the largest increase , a strong economic recovery that Britain has a real kinetic energy .
Meanwhile, the UK Q2 lv purse growth rate for the initial quarter of a quarter , the highest since 2006 ; the annual rate of increase highest since Q1 2008 .
British government spending increased 0.9% quarter on quarter, compared with growth of the overall contribution of 0.2 percentage points; services sector growth season than the greatest contribution to the service sector output increased 0.9% quarter, the biggest expansion of 3 years ; the second quarter of the construction industry Output growth of 6.6% , the biggest quarter lv luggage since 1963 than the rate of increase .
While the data highlight , but many economists expect growth will slow in the second half . IMF International Fund (IMF) recently forecast the growth in the United Kingdom in 2011 from 2.5 % to 2.1%. Meanwhile, as the government austerity program to promote wholesale lv handbags consumer confidence has been falling, a survey showed house prices fell in the year.
Hill said Friday the announcement of GDP once again echoed the previous positive data to prove that the British economy ” really ” is up .
He further pointed out that the UK economy for some time in the future will face some resistance , but the economy will continue to get some momentum for their support.
Osborn said the second quarter of UK economic growth over the previous quarter lv Designer handbag by 1.1% , and most growth came from the private sector , indicating that deficit reduction now is undoubtedly correct.
Osborne also said he was cautiously optimistic about economic development , but the task is not complete.

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